Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ritchies Auctions - Stephen Ranger's Blog

We have attached a link here to Stephen Ranger's blog. He is the past-president of Ritchies Auctions in Toronto. So far, there are only a few rudimentary postings on the blog, but I hope he will be encouraged to keep it up and give us some antidote to the daily rumours and schadenfreude that has surrounded the sudden turmoil that has followed in the split with Sotheby's.

I always admired the environment that Stephen had created at Ritchies. The company hired ambitious young people and seemed really to want to give them the opportunity to learn and thrive. And the upper management - but most especially Stephen -consistently maintained a down-to-earth ability to work the sales floor and make every customer, no matter how low in the pecking order they may have been, feel important and welcome.

Thank you Stephen, and good luck. Please keep up the blog.