Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Upcoming Show

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Opening Reception: November 20, 2009 8-12pm
Show Runs until: November 20 - December 7 2009
Location: Smash! 2880 Dundas West

Artists Showing: Harvey Chan, Johny Deluna, & Jose Ortega

Harvey Chan is an accomplished artist based in Toronto. He wears many hats, including those of illustrator, gallery artist, and teacher. He teaches Illustration at OCAD and Sheridan College, as well as a variety of courses at the Toronto School of Art. His recent work has featured poetic explorations of the human form integrating with graphic organic forms to create emotional expression and tension.

Johny Deluna recently resumed his art career after a long hiatus, during which he worked successfully as a writer, cinematographer and in new product development. Say’s Deluna “I have tried many things over the years, but my first love is visual art. I don’t have a clear goal in mind when I start a work, but if the finished piece surprises me, I keep it … if it doesn’t I get rid of it."

Jose Ortega is a painter, commercial illustrator and co-founder of Lula Lounge. He lives and works in Toronto and New York. Among his notable accomplishments, he has worked on many public commissions including a series of two mosaic murals for New York subway stations and a stained glass window for the Buckingham Hotel in NYC and designed postage stamps for the US Postal Service.